Season_03. "Requiem Papillons" Sandals ! by Min Heo


Hello, readers of Blog Pleiades :)

I am excited to introduce you our Season_03. “Requiem Papillons”.

The season’s concept started from prayers for the loved ones, requiem, memories and souls.

I did some research about Korean traditional mourning ceremonies too - featuring a lot of ‘white’ colour, white fabric, flowers, clothes, paper …

Butterflies, the designer’s longtime loved subject, are also explored.

The motifs are drawn onto lasts by the designer herself, transforming into beautiful pairs of sandals.

Season_03.  “Requiem Papillons”

Season_03. “Requiem Papillons”

PAPILLONS drawn onto the last

PAPILLONS drawn onto the last



PAPILLONS Pink   in St. Augustine, Florida.

PAPILLONS Pink in St. Augustine, Florida.

PAPILLON-FLORA in progress

PAPILLON-FLORA in progress

PAPILLON-FLORA drawn onto the last

PAPILLON-FLORA drawn onto the last


Our sandals use YKK Nylon or Metallic zippers, all specially matched for the colours of the materials.

For your comfort and longevity of your beloved shoes -

Also made with Italian last, French sheepskin, precise lines and shapes.

Subtle things make huge difference on your feet, and on your outfit ♥︎



Pleiades EVA oxford pumps from SS19 “Requiem Papillons” collection are featured in British VOGUE April 2019 for advertorial “VOGUE’s Fashion Preview'“.

EVA oxford pumps are one of our best-selling items among the SS19 collection, with 7cm crescent-moon-heels, slender shape, and semi-transparent striped velvet at the toes.

Soon to be available with lower heels, all in sheepskin with different colour options !

04APR-Vogue's Fashion Preview copy.jpg

Have You Ever Tried Our : JOANNE by Min Heo

Hello again from Pleiades :)


We were told by our lovely Dreams on Air Retail Manager, Saina, that Joanne is pretty popular among their customers !


I have recently took some pictures of Joanne in our studio, so I thought it's going to be a good chance writing about this lovely platform high-heels :)


JOANNE is born when we were preparing for our very first collection, S/S18 'Gisaengs'.


As you all might already know, our S/S18 collection was inspired by 18C-early 20C Gisaengs,

the women performing artists who inherited Korean traditional dances, songs, etc.

To find more about Gisaengs, please go to our 'Catherine' posting uploaded on 31st January !


So our Joanne is adorned with the beautiful double silk satin straps,

which you can tie around the top-line of the shoes.

Tie them once and you can slide your feet in anytime, without the need for redoing.


The signature quilting detail and tapings are done with an artisanship and great care.

Look closer, and you'll realise how intricately crafted they are -


There are 2 different silk strap options for each colour,

If you are going for Camel - you can choose from deep red (almost black) or fuschia pink with golden thread,

If you choose Ivory - you can either have purple with golden thread or bright green straps.


JOANNE was first introduced in Camel colour only.

Made with Italian calfskin and Pleiades signature heel design,

JOANNE is definitely one-of-a-kind high-heel pumps that can instantly make your whole outfit stand out elegantly :)


This question might pop in your mind by now :

they're 11.5cm high with 2.5cm platforms.


Pretty high, but I can assure you they really are comfortable, comfortable enough to walk in all day.

If you are not confident walking in platform high heels, I would recommend that you try our 8cm mid-heels, such as Catherine or Keira,

Or 7cm heels like Lina,

but if you are one of those high-heel lovers feeling even more amazing on platforms,

Just go ahead.


The Ivory JOANNE is a little sister to Camel JOANNE,

made from a suggestion from our friend.

And we actually think they're looking great !

We didn't have chance to take enough photographs of our Ivory JOANNE,

So we decided to promote them with our S/S19 collection again ;)

Good news for those who were shocked there's another beautiful colour range for Joanne -


To help you understand how JOANNE looks even better in full picture :)

JOANNE looks great when you wear them with a polished dress-up look

or even with a pair of jeans, as seen from our lookbook pictures.


Bold but elegant, a pair of JOANNE can change the entire mood for your outfits.

Try them on !