Pleiades is a women's footwear brand based in Seoul.

  With a selection of the highest quality materials and attention to details, Pleiades introduces its very first collection for S/S18, a collection of shoes that are never seen anywhere else.



One of the key inspirations of Pleiades shoes is Korean traditional craft.
Exclusively developed lasts and 'Nubi' (Korean quilting) details are the trademarks of the brand. In discussions with local artisans and by investigating the arts of craft in depth,
Pleiades makes original products blending traditional and cutting edge techniques. 


Pleiades shoes are made with Korean traditional materials
and top quality leather / fabric.
Korean silk (Hanbok-ji) is applied for details,
while Mosi (Korean ramie, still hand-weaved with traditional technique) is used for parts of the shoes.
The search for a better quality materials is never ending, closely working with artisans, manufacturers and makers.


Each collection of Pleiades is inspired by certain women or stories. 
For S/S18, the story is titled 'Oriental Sensuality',
focusing on a Gisaeng girl from the late Korean Empire, when the nation was on the verge of Westernization.
  Gisaengs were educated from early teens to be able to sing, dance, draw and write. They were the only women who were allowed to perform arts, especially in front of the public.
Regarded as lower-class in society, Gisaengs were often subject to forbidden affairs and endless wait for their lovers.
The beautiful and intelligent girls were after all, just a girl.
A girl who chose to live differently, as an artist, a fashion figure
and a passionate lover.


Each piece of Pleiades is made with the deepest love,
love for art, craft and women.
And we wish that the act of dressing becomes more beautiful and sincere, so that every part of the life transforms accordingly ...