Camper Project - Miro the Sculptor (2012)


    Looking at Miro’s Sculptures at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, I was very impressed by his bronze sculptures. Unlike the bright colours of his paintings, the deep turquoise-like colour of metal, bearing some copper colour inside, looked very subtle yet powerful. Miro used method of bronze casting frequently, directly from the random objects he has found on the street. So the shapes are simple but harmonious among themselves.


    Camper is a footwear brand famous for its comfortable shoes in its own style. My designs for Camper have comfortable mid-high ebony heels, curved towards inside for a little twist while reflecting Personnage bronze sculptures. Nubuck and suede are used for matte finish and more toned-down atmosphere, not trying to stand out too much, just like how Camper appeals to customers. The colour palette came out from the varied shade of bronze, and the back zipper puller is designed from the motifs of  Personnage sculptures, looking like human figures.


    I also tried to emphasise the 3D effect Miro's sculpture has, by cutting out surfaces in the shape of the round body, foliaceous holes, and random drawings he has often engraved on the pieces. Some of the parts are rolled inwards and hand-stitched partially, to reflect Miro’s image of Femme.


    The leather experimentations represent my impressions looking at either the surface or the motifs of the works. The first experimentation for dyeing has produced a range of colours from bronze pieces. The wrinkled quality also gives the feelings of irony, looking rough but smooth in touch. Miro has repeatedly used the motifs of star, eye, holes, crescent, water drops, etc. I re-organised the elements to create a stensil, and applied them on leather to create embossings. They could be utilised as patterns for accessories, printed or engraved on the shoes (on places such as heels or toes), or even on the insole or lining.