S/S18 'Gisaengs'


    Pleiades' first collection is inspired by the unconventional, talented beauties during old times in Korea, called 'gisaengs'.
    The history of Gisaengs started around the year 576, as dancers and singers who performed during important ceremonies in the palace.
    The collection is portraying the women, looking understated and elegant at the first sight, but indeed very provocative. Gisaengs were pictured as shy and good-mannered, but the portraits depict their seducing eyes, always appealing to sexual imaginations suggested by a white sock sneaking out of the voluminous skirt or subtly revealed parts of underwear.
    Pleiades paints the new portraits of the girls, who chose to live differently. Sheepskin, Velvet, Moshi and Silk ... Let us introduce the alluring collection.