- Design Against Fur (2011)

  Fashion has always been accused of animal cruelty.

  Now that people are talking about 'sustainable fashion', they are aware how animals are killed to make a piece of mink coat, a pair of pony hair shoes, etc.

  My initial idea for this challenge was to use wood, quilted fabric and hemp cloth for a pair of winter shoes that resembles an animal species called 'okapi'. Padded fabric is a nostalgic material that had warmed up our cold winters without any sacrifices of animals.

  The final piece was produced using 3D printer, according to my original drawing that came from characteristics of okapi, and natural water flow that is generated by computer. The delicacy of the piece reminds us how fragile animal lives can be.


HURT / HEART (2013)


  The project is inspired by human physical / emotional pain that reflects each other.

  I studied forms and history of body braces in order to visualise human struggles against pain. People tried to modify body deformity by using man-made products that are produced out of plastic / metal / elastic bands. The method was constantly developed throughout a century, but the process looked rather desperate than looking very positive and scientific.

  Using vegetable tan leather, cosmetics and hand-carven wood heels, I tried to create a small collection of shoes that look no far from ourselves, as braces are made from our own body, despite of their unattractive appearances.


The Witch (2012)


  The project was inspired by British pop star, Florence Welch.

  Famous for her dark beauty, she showed her interests for terror and doom since her childhood. Welch quotes "The Lady of Shalott meets Ophelia ... mixed with scary gothic bat lady" as her stage fashion muse.

  She also mentioned 1970s American drag queen troupe Cocketts, French singer Francoise Hardy and rock singer Stevie Nicks as her fashion mentors.

  Using goat fur and antelope horns, the shoes are driven from the images of dark magic, like ingredients from a witch's pot. Shades of white makes irony with the images of witches and dark magic, adding more sophistication to the muse.