'Oriental Sensuality', 2016, Graduation Collection

'Oriental Sensuality', 2016, Graduation Collection



Pleiades is a luxury footwear brand launched in 2017 for S/S18 season.

Using top quality materials, Pleiades produces well-made shoes all hand made by highly skilled artisans.

Having its root in Korean traditional crafts, Pleiades introduces special materials that are not commonly used in today's shoemaking, such as Mosi (Korean ramie) or Korean silk, along with leather, silk, velvet, suiting fabric, and others.
Specially developed lasts and heels are adding to Pleiades' uniqueness and originality, while Nubi technique (Korean quilting) is melted in Pleiades signature styles.

Starting from each season's concept, Pleiades tells a story through a creative journey that results in a beautiful collection of shoes. The collections are dedicated to a girl who has been the heroine for her own journey, which also dedicates 'you'.

Pleiades believes that everyone has an attitude towards life, from the way they move, think and speak, to the way they dress and behave.

By offering shoes that are made with great love and craft, Pleiades wants to contribute to your 'attitude'
so that you realise what the shoes mean to you,
how a pair of shoes can make you feel special and different.



With a background in Fine Art Sculpture and being a craftsperson herself, Min Heo creates shoes with attentions to materials and details, delivering a concept that becomes a story full of fantasies and visual richness for each collection.

Min is born in Seoul, trained in London and Milan at London College of Fashion, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design,
and Istituto Marangoni.