With a background in Fine Art Sculpture and being a craftsperson herself,
Min Heo creates shoes with attentions to materials and details, delivering a concept that becomes a story full of fantasies and visual richness for each collection.

Pleiades is a dialogue between a young designer with an international background, and craftsmen with 30-60 years of experience.

Min is a South Korean designer born in Seoul, trained in London, Milan and New York.
Art kid since childhood, a ballet dancer, once a sculptor, she has knowledge in Korean / Asian / European history of costumes, and she learned Korean traditional sewing method before heading to London to attend London College of Fashion - Cordwainers School for shoemaking.

Pleiades wishes to be a reminiscence of the act of ‘dressing’ - the personal taste, fashion products made with care, using quality materials, to create well-made wearable artistic objet to be enjoyed and remembered for a long time.




… is an original shoe brand with unique stories.


Pleiades is a unique shoe brand celebrating art and craft.

Bold yet elegant, with a touch of vintage, Pleiades shoes are wearable art pieces which contribute to your whole outfit and mood.

Timeless aesthetics referencing history of costumes and craftsmanship,
Pleiades creates shoes that does not belong to a boundary, making its own way and its culture, season by season.

Meet the collection handmade with top quality materials, originality,
and an acute eye for details.